In a post corona world, it will become a decisive success factor to redesign international presence and value chains fast. Which activities should be taken back home to Europe? Which international sales markets will recover first? Where are business opportunities to be found in the near future? Which countries offer opportunities for new value creation, investments and infrastructure projects?

Together with you, we will design a detailed plan for the development of new sales markets or investment destinations. We analyse opportunities and risks in relevant countries and develop measures to actively manage and minimise these risks. We work closely with local stakeholders to explore project opportunities and address problems in a timely manner.

The Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa are our special areas of expertise.

We identify and negotiate projects on behalf of our clients. Whether industrial investment or infrastructure projects, solar power or petrochemical plant: We search for suitable project destinations, suppliers, customers and local partners, conduct negotiations on site and support in dealing with authorities and financing partners.

The reorganisation of international value chains also places special demands on networks, the use of information technology instruments and the automation of processes. The crisis has once again made it particularly clear where companies’ weaknesses lie in this area. How can new markets be developed remotely? How can distributed production, sales and procurement processes be mapped in IT? We analyse and solve these problem areas in a timely manner. The combination of experts for international business and information technology ensures quickly implemented and successful projects.

Many companies have experienced difficulties due to the crisis and the international “shutdown” measures. Now a whole series of challenges are on the agenda at the same time. Reducing fix cost and financial restructuring on the one hand, and realising rapid sales success in already growing markets on the other, are key success factors. Together with you, we will develop action plans and support their implementation through our broad network.

Restructuring and reorganisation of businesses in the international market requires experienced personnel who are familiar with local environments. We identify qualified technical and management personnel and develop the selection process together with you in order to successfully fill the most important positions in your company.