Conjuncta is a boutique consultancy company established in 2004. We support our clients in the development of new business and new market entries.

We are business-driven and focus on practical results. So we do not deliver PowerPoint slides and strategy papers. We aim to reach specific and measurable success for your business in new markets.

We concentrate on what we are best at and where we have extensive experience

Our Experience

Conjuncta has experience in most countries of the regions Africa, Russia/Central Asia and Mideast. Based on the professional background of our team we have special expertise in the following sectors: energy (conventional generation, renewables and grids) and infrastructure, oil and gas, petrochemicals, IT, health care, logistics and agriculture. We will gladly explain our reference list and give examples of projects we have been involved in for our clients successfully in a personal meeting

Our Claim

Our experience shows that the development of new markets and the negotiation of large infrastructure projects can take several years and therefore requires a close and long-term cooperation between the client and the team of Conjuncta. Generally, cooperation with Conjuncta starts with a joint planning workshop. We see ourselves as part of the team of our clients and try to acquire all necessary specific industry and product knowledge as fast as possible.


Strategy consulting

Together with our clients we develop a strategy and a detailed action plan for new market entries. We analyse opportunities and risks and develop measures to manage and mitigate such risks. Developing and emerging countries are our special focus and experience.

Project development

On behalf of our clients we identify and negotiate projects. Whether industrial investment or infrastructure project, solar or chemical plant: we identify suitable sites, suppliers, off-takers and local partners, conduct negotiations on the ground, ensure political support and offer support in dealing with authorities and financial partners.

Sales support

We identify relevant customer segments, assist in negotiations with local partners and support in the management of public tender processes, so that our clients are able to sell quality products in interesting countries quickly and successfully.


We advise on financial structuring of your projects. We can draw on our network of private and institutional investors. Where we find projects to be specially convincing, we also invest ourselves. We work with a number of long-standing partners in order to deliver best results in financial structuring and securities concepts.



Stefan Liebing is the owner and Director of Conjuncta GmbH. He has professional experience in the energy sector and in the development of large-scale international projects for many years. Before the establishment of Conjuncta, Stefan Liebing held various management roles for companies of the oil and gas as well as the electricity sector in Germany and the Netherlands. During this period he negotiated projects in Russia and Central Asia as well as in countries of the Middle East and Africa successfully.

Dr Stefan Liebing took over as the Chairman of Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V., the German-African Business Association in early 2012. In 2014/2015 he also acts as the Chairman of the European Business Council on Africa and the Mediterranean (EBCAM).

Furthermore, Dr Liebing is Chairman of the Center of International Energy Studies e.V. (CIES) at Heilbronn University, where he also teaches energy management. Flensburg University has appointed him as a senior lecturer on “Doing business in Africa“. In addition he chairs the regional expert commission on energy policy of the Wirtschaftsrat of Schleswig-Holstein.


A motivated team of project assistants, consultants and senior consultants takes care of our clients. All our employees have international experience and networks. Most of them are experienced in a political environment which is instrumental in getting along in new markets were decisions are often influenced by political factors. All projects are supervised by a senior consultant who is the permanent contact person for the client under the guidance of the CEO so that you can work together with one contact person continuously who is thoroughly familiar with your projects and business models and who can coordinate the cooperation with further partners and other members of the consultancy team if necessary.

Advisory Board

In addition to our team of employed consultants we are able to access the members of our advisory board any time. The advisory board consists of active as well as retired high-ranking executives of the business, political or diplomatic sector who are available to support in specific projects if necessary, to bring in their experience and networks and to assist in developing the best solutions for our clients.


We look for highly motivated junior employees as well as experienced (senior) consultants continuously. If you are interested to work with our team, please send us your application documents by email.

Your Contact

Luise Rosemeier

Kontakt: +49 40 59 37 14 – 16


A key element of our philosophy is the compliance with all laws and provisions. We require all of our employees and partners to commit to this important point. We do not tolerate any business practices that are not completely in line with our understanding of integrity and all national and international laws. Should it become clear that business dealings on this basis are not possible in a country, we will stop our activities immediately. However, our experience shows that business can be developed correctly and with integrity in far more countries than one may assume. Gladly we will inform you about our experience and about our strict internal compliance system which is supervised by an experienced lawyer.

For more information about Conjuncta, our services, experience and success stories as well as about our methods and our compliance system please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your contact

Julian D. Reichert, LL.M.

Kontakt: +49 40 59 37 14 – 30


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